Terms & Conditions

c2a.com.au ABN 48 159 263 439

For futher indepth information about c2a.com.au Terms & conditions, please refer to the Standard form of agreement ("SFOA") located at bottom of this page "Full Terms & Conditions PDF"

  1. Terms of service

    c2a.com.au will provide internet & phone service wherever possible to the customer who is requesting the service to be installed. Once a trading relationship has been established between c2a.com.au and the customer, all other forms of the Terms & conditions will apply between c2a.com.au and the customer.

  2. Late payment Fees & charges

    All accounts are currently set to be raised between 24th - 26th of the calendar month and due on 1st of each month.

    A payment will be classified as overdue if it is not payed within 7 days of the original due date & a late payment fee of $10 will be applied.

  3. Right to refuse service

    c2a.com.au may refuse the right to serve a customer if it believes it is in the best interest of c2a.com.au, this action will take place only for any reasonable matter that cannot be resolved with the customer.

  4. Guaranteed service standards

    c2a.com.au will strive to offer the best possible uptime on all of it’s services, we will strive for at least 99.9 % uptime within our own core network. This uptime guarantee does not include the upstream providers equipment of which c2a.com.au has no control over, nor does it apply if there has been a natural disaster that may effect any of c2a.com.au’s infrastructure.

  5. Refunds for goods or services

    Services are paid for Month in advance, there are no refunds for Services, Products can be refunded or replaced if found damaged or faulty from manufacture

  6. Payment for Services

    All services are charged for in AUD $

  7. Installation/initial Set-up fees & charges

    Installation and delivery of CPE "client premises equipment" is usually done within 7 working days and appropriate date and time agreed to upon by both c2a.com.au and the customer. if the customer is happy to proceed with terms and conditions during checkout and ticks the mandatory "i agree to terms" c2a.com.au will then take payment for initiall set-up/installation and engage the customer to then book an appropriate install date and time for a field technician to visit the customers premises and complete install.

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